David P. Crocker – Founder

David Crocker earns his living as an Attorney and British Solicitor, carrying on an international practice in the areas of Information Technology, Licensing, Intellectual Property and Business law. In his education and practice he’s seen a good deal of the world and has negotiated licenses and commercial agreements in all manner of places, including Russia, the UK, Europe, Japan and South Korea.

David is a graduate of Gordon College, Durham University (UK) and the University of Maine School of Law. Formally educated in theology and law, David’s intellectual interests are wide-ranging, but chiefly center around history – classical, US, military, political – and especially the history of ideas.

David is politically active and known to be fierce in debate. He learned to love rhetoric beginning in school and extending to his years at Durham University, where he became a life member of the Durham Union Society. David is a Maine native and comes from a long, long line of Mainers. He lives and works in Portland, Maine.

David is a member of the Board of Advisors to the Maine Heritage Policy Center and among his other activities, served as state chair to the 2009 Taxpayer Bill of Rights Campaign (TABOR).

In addition to his regular practice, Crocker now serves as the Director of the Center for Constitutional Government at the Maine Heritage Policy Center.

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