The EPA Wins in Court: Jurisdiction Over “Greenhouse Gases”. Interior Department Takes Aim at Natural Gas

by Crocker on June 27, 2012, 8:18 am

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You’ll recall that the Supreme Court in 2007 declared in a 5-4 decision that CO2 was a “pollutant” that fell under the purview of the Clean Air Act, even though the 1970s legislation never contemplated such a result. And now we have the logical result of that ruling: the DC Court of Appeals has ruled in National Association of Manufacturers v. EPA that the EPA is “unambiguously correct” when it declared that such gases are a danger to public health and fully within its rule making powers. This opens the door to wholesale regulation by the EPA in the absence of congressional authority – handed to us by collusion between the executive and judicial branches.

Separation of powers in the hands of lefties works great, doesn’t it?

In another, related news item, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has declared that state regulation of “hydraulic fracturing” (the technology giving us the natural gas boom) is insufficient. According to Salazar, the Interior Department should overrule the states and stamp our – er, regulate – this nefarious technology.

Question: how do courts and bureaucrats pursue this CO2 nonsense when the “science” has proven to be fraud? Further question: will the American people allow bureaucrats to undermine the country’s future of energy abundance and prosperity? Will rust-belt states permit the Interior Department to hold them in poverty?

I rather doubt it.

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