Roger Clemens Acquitted: Another Black Eye for DOJ

by Crocker on June 19, 2012, 7:02 am

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It took the jury just 10 hours to acquit The Rocket of all charges in his second trial. Recall that his first ended in a mistrial and the government’s case this time seemed doomed from the start, falling victim to multiple contradictions.

Frankly, I thought it was a waste of time and money to prosecute Clemens and an elegant display of DOJ’s misplaced priorities. John Edwards last week, Roger Clemens this week. Who’s next?

How about prosecuting some major crimes for a change?

Update: From the New York Sun:

The acquittal yesterday of Roger Clemens of all charges that he had lied to Congress and tried to obstruct an investigation into whether he used steroids is a moment to savor for those who maintain a decent respect for the Constitution. It’s just not every day that an ordinary citizen throws a no-hitter in the courtroom against batters as powerful as the combined might of the Congress and the Department of Justice. The government’s five-years-long pursuit of the great hurler was ended by a jury in just a few hours. The prosecutors, according to the Associated Press, slinked away from the courthouse without comment, and the Justice Department put out a statement claiming, “we respect the judicial process.”

The claim will be met with incredulity, given the Justice Department’s behavior in this case.

Read it all. It just goes to show what a bunch of malignant nimrods can do to anybody’s reputation.

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