James Lovelock, Shale Gas and Gaia

by Crocker on June 17, 2012, 8:13 am

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At 92, James Lovelock is the putative father of “Gaia” mythology so dearly beloved by the pagan ecology crowd. You know, the notion that the earth is a single living organism and that we humans are an invasive species.

Well, the old boy has recanted. In an interview in the Guardian, he describes why Britain should be mad about fracking, his love for all things nuclear and his contempt for windmills and “renewable” energy. Seems the heating bill at his house near Dartmoor in Devon had soared to 6,000 quid and his sojourn at his wife’s place in – wait for it – St. Louis have convinced him of the beauties of natural gas. Strange how reality takes over when you’re freezing your ass off.

But as always, James Dellingpole of the Telegraph seems to pound the nail home. While Lovelock’s recantation is better late than never, couldn’t he have had the foresight to see where his views were taking us?

Could he really not see where green energy policies (inspired partly by his doomsday predictions in books like The Revenge of Gaia) were leading until he was socked with his first whacking great £6,000 heating bill? If so, then it strikes me as both a woeful failure of imagination and a lack of clear thinking. High energy bills, after all, are no accident. They are result of a very deliberate strategy by environmental pressure groups to make energy bills more expensive in order to force everyone to reduce their energy usage. Of course, the people this hits hardest are the ones for whom reducing energy usage is not really a viable option: the old and inform, many of whom have been driven into “fuel poverty” by the greens’ well-meaning attempts to save the world from the illusory threat of ManBearPig.

Agreed. None of this stuff just “happens”. And as Glenn Reynolds observes, it was Lovelock’s sojourn among the rednecks that turned his head around. Like Dellingpole, my favorite Lovelock comment is this one about U.S. politics:

“I’m neither strongly left nor right, but I detest the Liberal Democrats.”

Yes, they are detestable, aren’t they?

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