Are You Smarter Than “Occupy Wall Street”? Most Certainly.

by Crocker on October 19, 2011, 8:33 am

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It’s clear that the media, sundry politicians and other savants are trying to transform the idiots of Occupy Wall Street in the new oracles of culture, politics, economics and whatever other matters are close at hand. We suspected that the occupiers weren’t too bright or well-informed – or both – and now we’re sure.

That pillar of conservative journalism – New York Magazine – has just published the results of a questionnaire given to a swath of the unwashed at Zucotti Park. The questions dealt with current events and many of the matters they say they’re protesting about. As suspected, the occupiers lived up to our expectations, demonstrating their near total ignorance of economics, government or current events. After each result, there’s a link to the correct answer.

This one pretty much says it all, however:

In case you’re wondering, miltary spending is only 20% of the budget.

Allahpundit subtitled this particular chart, “Why I Drink”. Indeed. Bourbon neat, anyone?

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