Britain: Lancashire Police Ban Bible in Christian Cafe

by Crocker on September 27, 2011, 8:22 am

in Culture,Law,Religion

Welcome to life in today’s Britain.

I am qualified as a British solicitor and I worked with the Alliance Defense Fund and Christian Concern (UK) as an adjunct to my regular business practice, so I have reason to follow appalling stories like these. The problem stems from Britain’s adoption of a Human Rights Act in 1999 that contains the usual language about offense, discrimination and the like. Ironically, a statute meant to ban discrimination is being used to do that very thing and the immediate issue in this case is Section 5 of the Public Order Act which forbids “insulting” speech.

There’s no First Amendment in Britain, of course, and police have extraordinary discretion (in the first instance at least) to engage in this sort of action. You’d think the Lancashire police had learned their lesson by now: in 2006 they were forced to pay an elderly couple 10,000 pounds after wrongfully investigating them for expressing a non-PC opinion about homosexual behavior to their County Council.

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darlene trantham November 4, 2011 at 6:03 pm

Shame on the police for interupting Lancashire cafe in their work for sharing the Lords word. Whats wrong with you? Ya know ,He,our Lord is coming back soon and then it will be to late. I feel sorry for you. PTL darlene.

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