Washington, Taxes and Potomac Fever. Or is it Reefer Madness?

by Crocker on April 26, 2011, 8:10 am

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Serious question: is there something in the Washington, DC water supply that muddles thought processes, dissipates principle and collectivizes behavior? Those of us who have reason to be in DC on a regular basis will know what I’m talking about. Particularly among the political class, a normal right-thinker has about a year before the infection sets in. Some people refer to it as “Potomac Fever”. To me it’s more akin to “Reefer Madness”.

Take Tom Coburn, for instance. He’s normally a pretty right-thinking guy on taxes, but now he’s a member of the “Gang of Six”, working on a tax increase to close the deficit. We’re told that this “compromise” includes elimination of the home mortgage deduction, among other gems.

Perhaps it’s well he’s retiring – his brain is apparently well and truly scrambled. We’re not in the jam we’re in because we haven’t been paying enough but because it’s people like the “Gang of Six” who’ve been spending us – and our grandchildren – blind. And now they want more.

John Fund of the Wall Street Journal weighs in on this very point.

But to the precise locus of infection. Maybe it isn’t the water. Maybe it’s the the air. Even when the Congressional geniuses first thought of moving the capital from Philadelphia to DC, people complained about the tidal “miasma” along the Potomac and warned that the new city of Washington could be an unhealthy, even lethal place to live.

Whatever it is, however, it strikes hard and fast and there’s no telling what will happen. Sort of like “Reefer Madness”, that quaint 1930s propaganda film about marijuana use. Anything could happen – and did.

The moral of the story: don’t let your son or daughter move to Washington, DC.

HT on John Fund vid to Instapundit.

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