The EPA: A Clear and Present Danger – to the American People

by Crocker on April 26, 2011, 10:24 am

in Economics,Politics

I’ve come to believe that the EPA – not to mention the entire Administration – is a clear and present danger to American people. We live a country blessed by Almighty God with extraordinary resources and the human-haters in the EPA spend their time making sure that we can can’t use any of it. Lisa Jackson and her minions have declared war on oil and gas exploration, coal mining, farmers and even our backyard grills and wood fireplaces.

The latest outrage comes to us from Alaska, where Shell Oil – after spending $2 billion alone on an exploratory lease in the Chukchi Sea – has been denied a permit to drill because the company had not taken into account exhaust from ice breaking ships 70 miles distant from the nearest human settlement -which contains just 245 souls, by the way.

Perhaps the most galling part of this whole story is that anyone has to grovel – hat in hand – to these fools.

More at Red State and Doug Ross.

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