Let’s Liquidate the Kulaks!

by Crocker on April 21, 2011, 8:21 am

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As my British friends would say, there’s crazy and then there’s barking mad. This bunch is barking mad.

Power Shift 2011 appears to be an astroturf “environmental” organization embraced by Hope ‘n Change and Nancy Pelosi. God only knows who funds them. The theme seems to be that we should get rid of economic growth and revert to subsistence, collectivized agriculture as a means to restore Eden. I particularly like the footage from Mao’s Cultural Revolution (1:30) and the peasants sharing the small piece of bread they gratefully receive from the master’s hand (2:20). The class enemies appear to be people who grow the food we all eat. The young man at 0:25 “doesn’t like money that much” and thinks it “disassociates” us from our food.

The only thing I didn’t hear was a denunciation of farmers as “kulaks”. But give it time. If by some civilizational mischance this bunch ever gains power, we can doubtless expect calls to deport the farmers from their land and for their “liquidation as a class”.


Hat tip to Powerline.

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