The Left: They’re Coming for the Internet and the Media

by Crocker on December 11, 2010, 5:50 pm

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I’ve been watching this move for a couple of years now – the left being the left, they’re going to do their damnedest to shut down dissenting voices. And that means they want to shut down talk radio, Fox News and try to control content on the Internet. I don’t think I’m being paranoid – the constant drumbeat of demonization goes on: we hear Jay Rockefeller, Obama and the Soros acolytes constantly trashing Fox News while the foul slanderer Al Sharpton is meeting with the FCC for the explicit purpose of shutting down Limbaugh.

With the FCC’s stated intention to impose net neutrality – regardless of what Congress or the federal courts have to say about it – it doesn’t bode well. The saving grace in all this is that guys like Soros and Van Jones manage to piss people off every time they open their mouths. They’re the accelerant that fuels the Tea Party fire. Our task is to always be on offense and control the terms of engagement

Over at Hot Air, The Right Scoop has a good piece on Van Jones and the latest lunge for control. Watch the upcoming furor on the FCC’s new rules and the inevitable lawsuit to follow. The FCC is, by the way, the poster child for the unaccountable administrative state: no Congressional authority and a solid “no” from the courts and they try to grab the Internet anyway.

Here’s Van Jones on “not leaving the Federal government in the hands of our enemies”:

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