“Wait and See” – Doing Business in the Age of Obama

by Crocker on November 17, 2010, 2:51 pm

in Economics,Law,Politics

Moody and I have been harping since 2008 that our limp business cycle is due to uncertainly. Put less elegantly, the U.S. government has been scaring the crap out of business and consumers alike while piling on the debt, regulations and taxes. Under such circumstances, nobody – and I mean nobody – is willing to put their assets or capital at risk.

The leftists in Congress and the White House don’t seem to understand this simple psychology – or maybe they do and simply don’t care in their quest for submission and control. But the folks at Bankrupting America have a humorous new take on uncertainty – not that anyone in Washington gets the message.

I do love the character of the boss – in real life, popping bottle caps with your teeth is a risky proposition. I did have a drunken British friend years ago who could do it. We called him the “human bottle opener”. A very handy guy to have around.

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